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Dear Prime Minister

Please make Global Britain a reality by leading us to build back from the coronavirus pandemic in ways that create a fairer and greener world. This must include leading global efforts to: 

1. Cancel the unsustainable debts of poorer countries and tackle tax dodging so their governments can invest in health and economic recovery 

2Do everything in your power to ensure COVID-19 vaccines are made free of charge to the public, fairly distributed and based on need

3. Uphold human rights, which are being put in jeopardy by some government's responses to the virus

4. Ensure a green and just recovery from COVID-19, before it's too late to tackle the climate crisis 

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Sign our petition now

 Let's unite to rebuild a more   just world. 

Unsustainable debt. Climate poverty. Human rights oppression. 

Today’s world is far from God’s kingdom on earth. And the coronavirus pandemic has only intensified the injustices faced by our global neighbours fighting poverty. 

As governments lay the foundations for recovery, we have the chance to build a world with justice at its heart. Poorer countries urgently need the money they lose through tax dodging and debt payments to respond to the current crisis, strengthen their health systems and rebuild fairer, greener economies. 

Please stand with them and urge the UK government to cancel their unsustainable debts, tackle tax corruption and uphold human rights. Ask them to fast track plans to tackle the climate crisis.

It’s now or never. 

Sign our petition today and tell the UK government to build back with justice - so that both people and our planet are protected.

Together we MUST end this global injustice and unite to rebuild a more just world for everyone.

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